Love Ios? Save Ios!

Join us in ensuring the island's healthy growth and authentic character, without damaging its environment, history, and local life.
Mission & Purpose

Our Manifesto

We are the “Save Ios” association, a group of people united by shared feelings and aspirations:

  • Our love for Ios and its historical, natural and architectural heritage.
  • A vision for Ios’ development that preserves its character, and benefits its local inhabitants and its visitors.

We seek to ensure that development in Ios benefits all of its residents, locals, visitors and employees;that Ios’ natural wealth remains accessible to all; that Ios’ historical, natural, and architectural heritage are preserved.
If you share our love for Ios, then you can contribute to our purpose in many ways. Love Ios? Save Ios!

The image displays the sections of the island that have been bought by the companies.

Why Save Ios

A disaster in progress

This paradise is threatened by a new form of tourism development. A number of companies have bought large tracts of land in all areas of the island and are planning large-scale investments, which consist of hotels, villas and marinas. The investments will increase the built area on the island by at least 50%. At the same time, most of the beaches will become inaccessible to the public.

Our Actions

Our work is in two main areas:

  1. Implement cultural, educational and environmental activities that promote the sustainable growth of Ios. 
  2. Undertake legal actions aimed at protecting the island from private initiatives that do not comply with environmental or any other law.