At the moment, a very large investment is evolving in Ios with the creation of a complex five-star tourist accommodation in the area “Koumbara – Diakofto”
It is a positive fact that this way there will be a quality upgrade of the tourist services of Ios, but the tourist product of our islands must be developed based on the principles of sustainable development and in harmony with the local, social, cultural and environmental data of each island, far from the model of anarchic development.

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, construction works began inside the beach of the area following the issuance of a joint ministerial decision on 19/12/2015 to grant the use of seashore, beach and marine space to the private company that builds the tourist unit. However, after reactions from citizens and based on the prehistory of this case, there is intense concern and many reasonable questions are raised, which he asks the Minister of Environment and Energy, Finance, Shipping and Island Policy and Economy, Development and Tourism. Member of Parliament for Athens II with the River George Amyras.

At the same time, the MP of Potamio inquires about the answers that Minister Tsironis is called to give to his comrades of the Green Ecologists, who in a relevant Resolution of their Panhellenic Council on 20.12.2015 criticize him, characterizing the JMC as… irreparable catastrophic for the natural and cultural character of the island… serious blow to the program cooperation agreement of Green Ecologists and SYRIZA… ».

Finally, Mr. Amyras asks for a copy of a model or digital representation of all the works in their final form on the landscape, as well as corresponding images and aerial photographs of the area before any construction interventions in the disputed area “Koumbara – Diakofto” in Ios.

The full text of the question follows:

1.Environment and Energy
3. Shipping and Island Policy
4. Economy, Development and Tourism

SUBJECT: Cementation of the beach and alteration of the landscape in the area “Koumbara – Diakofto” of Ios.

By joint decision of the first three of the above ministers, on 19.12.2015 (JMD – ΑΔΑ 70Ρ6Η-Μ45) the right to use the seashore, beach and sea area was granted to a private company for the execution of projects to create a complex tourist accommodation in the area “Koumbara – Diakofto” July, for an annual fee of 9 € / sq.m. for the seafront, 4 € / sq.m. for the beach and 3 € / sq.m. for the marine space. The total consideration for the first year of the concession is € 154,415 and must have been paid by 19.01.2016. The peculiarity of this concession lies in the complex nature of this tourist investment but also in the permanent installation on the sea, coast and land of accompanying works – in addition to about 250 accommodations in 180 acres – as they will be built from artificial beaches and breakwaters to the beach. for boats and… functional connection (bridge?) that will connect parts of the Diakoftos peninsula. It should be noted that this investment plan has been approved by environmental conditions since July 8, 2014, by a joint decision of the then Ministers of PEKA and Tourism.

However, in the past there have been various negative official opinions on the final form of tourism investment and there are still objections and concerns that these structural interventions for the data of the island of Ios may alter the morphology of the Cycladic landscape and the Cycladic landscape. have an impact on the ecosystem (Ios belongs to the Network of Important Bird Areas) some explanations-clarifications should be given and the required controls and inspections should be carried out.

Especially when, according to reports, a few days after the issuance of the JMC, the cementing in the sand of the beach began without the number of the building permit being posted, except for the… protocol number of the application for a permit. At the same time, there has been a complaint from citizens to the Special Service of Environmental Inspectors in order to carry out an urgent on-site inspection of the work being performed.

It should also not go unnoticed that so many SY.RIZA MPs, with their previous Questions on the same issue, had spoken about “very serious issues of legality, environmental protection, intertwined interests that serve a distorted development course in the islands of Cyclades “, as well as the fact that the GREEN ECOLOGISTS, who support the current government SY.RIZA.-AN.EL., in a relevant Resolution of their Panhellenic Council on 20.12.2015 criticize their comrade Minister Mr. Tsironis, stating their opposition to the signature of the JMC characterizing it as “… irreparably established

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