Article of IOS newspaper of Syllogos Iiton, issue nr 298 – December 2016

November should be considered the month of “tsabouka”, of innocence and the reward of any arbitrariness. Draw examples from this year: Laboratory for the construction of “Molotov cocktails” and other explosives in the Guinness building inside the Polytechnic, stone war, tear gas and “melee battle” on the occasion of the arrival of the US President. Barack Obama, in Athens, but also two days later than the anniversary of November 17, vandalism of the statues of Theodoros Kolokotronis, Lela Karagianni, burning of the Greek flag in a showy manner and bad publicity, consolidation of every crime around the Exarchate here and for years now. And also, arrests of locals and foreigners, “in solidarity or not” and others repeated year by year and custom.

But you will tell me, all this can concern our islands (small and large), where you can also find Ios. They also concern them with the above. I read in the newspapers of the same month (November 2016) that a cave hotel is being built in Vlychada, Santorini, overlooking the volcano, but also the simultaneous danger of the Caldera falling from this “eruption”. And all this despite the intense protests of the Mayor of the island G. Zorzos, but also of many bodies of the island.

In Ios and after a number of publications, including SYRIZA MPs, who since 2014 observed that Ios is threatened with environmental disaster, I read today a detailed report by the experienced journalist of the newspaper “I KATHIMERINI” that G. Lia

“The Inspectors of Environment, Construction, Energy and Mining of the sector of Southern Greece, found a number of illegalities during an autopsy during the construction of a complex tourist accommodation in Ios.”

“The inspection was carried out in a part of the tourist unit under construction located on the west side of Ios, at a distance of 2 km from Chora in two neighboring parts (Koumbara area, Diakofto peninsula). The complex tourist facility is manufactured by the company “105 SA”. The Inspectors found many urban planning irregularities and other irregularities, including:

– In two ground floor buildings in the area of ​​Koumbara, which are parts of a restaurant, a building overrun was found by 30%. In the same complex, the swimming pool was built just 30 meters from the seashore, when according to the law it had to be located at 80 meters.
– The bridge that connects the two parts of the investment and which literally passes over the beach has been erected in a different way than the one envisaged by the environmental impact study (pillars in sandals instead of piles), as a result of which a larger part of the beach “.

The environmental and visual catastrophe here is horrible and irreparable.

“One slope of a (delimited) stream located in the area has been” buried “by volumes of soil, although according to the permit” construction sites and the accumulation of soil materials in no case should adversely affect the water flowing through the area and the coastal zone “.
“A new road had been illegally opened in the seashore and beach area.”
“Extensive plantings of alien species (specifically Washington palms, native to the southern United States and Mexico) had been carried out, although the study required the use of native flora species.”

And finally, an opera and the most outrageous, inherent in the modern Greek mentality of arbitrariness and the tsabouka that accompanies it:

“The company illegally did not allow the Environmental Inspectors to enter the area of ​​the Diakofto peninsula. However, the Inspectors found even from a distance the existence of new, arbitrary buildings on the peninsula (church, circular building with a bell tower, etc.) “.
“The company did not allow the Inspectors to enter other parts of the area, in the area of ​​Koumbara, where according to complaints an amphitheater, a road with embankments on the seashore, etc. have been illegally erected. swimming pools, 70 meters x 8 meters each. The company (“105 SA”) was called to apologize “.

Truly what a pity for a place where nature could easily be combined with a gentle, multi-valued and beautiful construction and not the “cake trial” today for which Titos Romvos mourns by writing the following:

“Unspeakable melancholy floods me and unspeakable pain, when I look at the photos of Ios that we took 40 years ago. I am thinking of these few inhabitants – up to 2,000 souls – who did not feel the need to create a true, meaningful society of people to work together and organize a cooperative to jointly manage their own future and that of the small land. inhabit the land, and thus rejoice in the logic of a mild sustainable tourism the benefits offered by people who come from all over the world with the desire to experience, even for a while, the uniqueness of an Aegean island, which must deliver to the next generations as they themselves inherited it and not to sell out their place “which does not belong to them” to the first arrogant egocentric businessman ”

I agree with all of the above and replaced the last word of the text with the word “businessman”, who with prudent restraint could gain the sympathy and support of all the natives, but also those who love Ios and care about the future. , its beauty and long-term interests.

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