We declare our opposition to the recent approval of a coastal concession to the investor of the hotel complex on the Diakofto peninsula in Ios on behalf of the Ministries of the Environment, Marine and Finance because it is devastating to the natural and cultural character of the island, including villas, large streets, and artificial beaches outside the scale of a small island. The hotel complex will irreparably degrade one of the most intact Aegean landscapes to ultimately damage the country’s own tourism development based on the beauty of the landscape and the natural environment.

Based on the above, we call for the immediate revocation of the aforementioned Ministerial Decision and at the same time the speeding up of the necessary legal interventions, in order to clarify the licensing details of any investment that almost always finds an easy victim on the environment and ultimately on the sustainability itself.
We also ask for full control of the investor’s breaches and misconduct which:

has already begun works on Christmas holidays without completing the authorization procedures, posting only the application number and

has already trampled in the past a major wetland and stream of Ios, the Papa stream and turned it into a private garden and has opened an illegal road

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