“Green light” for eight strategic investments

«Πράσινο φως» για οκτώ στρατηγικές επενδύσεις

Date 15 July 2020. The Interministerial Committee for Strategic Investments approved three new investments for Ios. One of them concerns the construction of two complex tourist accommodations in the wider area of ​​Raches Pappas. That is, where the protected wetland has been destroyed and streams that fed it have been crushed. Another concerns the construction of a complex tourist accommodation in the area of ​​Koumbara-Diakofto. That is, where the Environmental Inspectors found a number of illegalities and where an annulment trial is pending in the Council of State. We understand that the country needs investments and the ministers must show that they bring them. But approving investments of this magnitude on a small island, and by monopolistic business interests with a proven track record of environmental disasters and delinquency, reaches the limits of irrationality.

Our union sent a letter to the competent ministers before the approval decision. The letter was co-signed by the Association of Judges. Unfortunately we were not listened to. But we will continue our effort to prevent the destruction of the island.

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