Nikos Syrmalenios submitted a question and application for the submission of documents (ACP) to the Parliament


The need for immediate intervention of the State to control the implementation of investments in the island of Ios and specifically in the areas Diakofto-Koumbara and Elos Pappas, which is characterized by a series of violations of the legislative and regulatory framework governing the protection of the environment, spatial planning and Nikos Syrmalenios, a Cyclades MP, points out with a question and an application for the submission of documents (ACP) to the Parliament.

In fact, the extent of the violations of the legislation in these investments is such that the MP’s question is addressed to eight ministers of the ND government!

As mentioned in the question, the Interministerial Committee for Strategic Investments included in Law 3894/2010 three (3) investment plans in Ios, paving the way for the applicant companies to be granted a number of incentives, such as location, tax facilities, rapid licensing, and increase labor costs.

In a recent response from the Parliament, after a relevant topical question, the Minister of Development emphatically pointed out that Enterprise Greece checked all the data of the companies and made a positive suggestion. However, although the accompanying files of the investment have been officially requested with the letter of the Association “Save Ios” dated 07/29/2020, they have not been made public yet.

According to Nikos Syrmalenios, the “investment plans” were launched under ND-PASOK governments, did not actually proceed during the period of SYRIZA’s rule and now the ND government is coming to reward already committed illegalities by joining the Strategic Investments in past and promoting a catastrophic “pro-investment” policy for the island.

The fines that have been imposed so far for the first case by the Construction Service of Santorini (04/2020, € 122,365) and the South Aegean Region (03/2017, € 1200) are nuggets in front of the disaster that has taken place and continues to take place . The Regional Councilor of the Cyclades, in charge of Environmental Affairs, keeps the report of the Regular Environmental Inspection (04/2019) of the Department of Environment & Spatial Planning of the South Aegean Region, which finds a lot of arbitrariness, more than 1.5 years in the drawers. Very serious findings for the project in the same area were also found in the “Report of Partial Control of compliance with the approved environmental conditions and the current environmental legislation” by the Environmental Inspection Body. At the same time, while there are heaps of complaints about violations of labor law regarding uninsured labor.

At the moment, the issuance of a decision of the Council of State on the appeal of civil society organizations for the annulment of the JMC 38753/1216 / 08.08.2014 entitled “Approval of the creation of a Complex Tourist Accommodation in the area Koumbara – Diakofto” and the environmental its terms, as well as other administrative acts that precede or follow it. It mentions a number of omissions and failures of the competent authorities. A number of other lawsuits are also pending over allegations of wrongdoing and arbitrariness.

The above situation forms a framework where the rule of law is catalyzed, the concept of tourism development is instrumentalized, the audit services are mocked and finally the political “green light” is given to repeat similar phenomena in other Cycladic islands, but also in other tourist areas. country to be established as the model of tourism development of the Cyclades.

As Nikos Syrmalenios notes, on the island of Ios there is no approved Spatial Plan and the specific Strategic Investments will need 3 Special Spatial Development Plans for Strategic Investments. It is noted that the spatial planning of Ios has been completed for 15 years with a study by the NTUA, which strangely never became PD. In this study, the area “Koumbara-Diakofto” remains unstructured as of special natural beauty.



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