Jail sentence for company, victory for the environment

Good news for the effort to save Ios. A court in Naxos imposed a 16-month suspended prison sentence for environmental disasters in the Koumbara area of ​​Ios, thus affirming that the development sought is to the detriment of the environment and the public interest. Our union “Save Ios” appeared in court to support the accusation.

The three-member Court of First Instance of Naxos sentenced the legal representative of the company “105 AE”, who had started the construction of a tourist accommodation on the island-Cape Koumbara-Diakofto, to 16 months in prison with suspension, where large-scale structural and environmental dams were found.
“There are judges in Naxos”! With similar comments, yesterday’s developments were welcomed by those who are watching the case of environmental crime that took place with the construction of a monument of natural beauty in Ios. The three-member Court of First Instance of Naxos sentenced the legal representative of the company “105 AE”, who had started the construction of a complex tourist accommodation on the island-Cape Koumbara-Diakofto, one of the most intact landscapes in the Aegean, to 16 months in prison with suspension. had not experienced man-made interventions.

Environmental organizations, agencies, residents had warned of irreparable damage to the natural environment of this corner of Ios by large-scale structural interventions, which were in progress in violation of the law, according to a report prepared by Environmental Inspectors in the area after an autopsy. .

The company representative was fined yesterday, with the court convicting her for violations of the current environmental legislation. According to information from “Ef.Syn.”, The actions that were deemed condemnable are the construction of a “functional connection” bridge between Koumbara and Diakofto, with horizontal concrete surfaces instead of wooden piles, works that altered the morphology of a delimited stream section and the planting of xeniks. species, with legislation providing for the use of native flora (palm trees were planted). In addition, the company’s representative was convicted of violating the coastal protection legislation and specifically of arbitrary constructions that lacked building permits. According to the same information, the business representative intends to file an appeal.

Koumbara beach is connected to the island of Diakofto by a narrow strip of sand. Access to the island is interrupted during the winter months (hence the name Diakofto) by the swollen sea. This point adorns almost all the postcards of Ios and Koumbara beach with the island of Diakofto. In this landscape of unique beauty, the company “105 SA” wanted to build a tourist village…

The works have been stopped by order of the Council of State in 2016 (although the cementing had continued for some time after the order). The “Ef.Syn.” with repeated revealing reports has highlighted the environmental disaster of the Koumbara-Diakofto area (see: 11/18/2016 “Conclusion of inspectors with 10 + 1 carbine violations”, 22/4/2019 “The occupied areas of Ios”). Undoubtedly, yesterday’s court decision is a great victory for the environmental organizations and the collective bodies that wanted to protect the physiognomy of Ios. The acceptance of the presence of the “Save Ios” association by the court, for a show in support of the accusation, was commented very positively.

Commenting on “Ef.Syn.” In yesterday’s court ruling, legal circles spoke of a “self-evident delivery of justice. It turns out that this tourist development that is sought in the area, instead of being done in a way that is compatible with the environment, is done at the expense of the environment, altering the physiognomy of the island. The decision is positive. It protects the environment and the natural beauty of Ios “.

SOURCE: https: //www.efsyn.gr/ellada/periballon/323873_kampana-se-epiheirimatia-niki-gia-periballon”Bell” to businessman victory for the environment

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