Ios Art Residency #1

Ios Art Residency #1


An artists residency program to promote the environmental and cultural heritage of Ios island

Save-Ios Association is pleased to announce the first artists residency in Ios island entitled Ios Art Residency #1: Micro-stories of a mutable landscape, curated by the artist Dimitris Foutris.

The main goal of the project is to promote the sustainable development of the island and environmental sensitivity, by highlighting the traditional Aegean character of Ios island, in order to create a notable and contemporary way of storytelling.

Ios Art Residency #1 invites three visual artists, for two weeks in April 2022, Dimitra Kondylatou, Orestis Mavroudis and Fotini Palpana to get to know Ios island, to exchange views with its inhabitants and through on-site research to produce new works by the means of their choice. The works will be hosted as part of a one-month Contemporary Art Exhibition, in August 2022 stimulating public debate on the necessity and ways to ensure the environmental and cultural sustainability of the island.

With the effects of human intervention on the environment more than visible – the apparent degradation of nature and its living organisms, the social inequalities resulting from the global distribution of the now limited natural resources – Ios Art Residency #1 aims to create a strong cultural meaning in relation to the interaction of human activity with the natural environment, the geopolitical concepts behind the land-sea critical discourse, and the relations of closeness with nature.

For Ios Art Residency #1 the daily art practice will function as an open dialogue with society, to ask questions regarding the sustainable development of the place and to explore the possibilities of environmental regeneration in interdependence with socio-ecological values. Always taking into account the local, social and historical context of the region, Ios Art Residency #1 aspires to function as a field of systematic research and dialogue about Ios and the wider Cyclades region.



A few words about Save Ios Association


Save Ios Association’s main goals are to protect the traditional Aegean character of Ios, to ensure free access to the beaches and other public spaces, and to promote the sustainable development of the island, taking into account Greek and European law, as well as international treaties on the protection of the environment and the cultural heritage. In this context, among other actions, it seeks to promote cultural, music and sporting events, in order to raise Ios’ cultural profile internationally.


A few words about the Artists

Dimitra Kondylatou is a visual artist living in Athens. She works across video-making, editing, writing and hosting. She is interested in the limits of art and its entanglements with tourism and everyday life. She visually explores gestures, practices and correspondences within contexts and spaces of hospitality and exchange. Her methodology is informed and crosses boundaries with other disciplines, such as anthropology, through her participation in collective projects (Learning from documenta, 2015-2017, About food, 2016-2017), and the presentation of her work in conferences (25th Conference-seminar of social sciences, University of Crete, 2019) and publications (kyklà 2020, Kunstlicht vol. 39, 2019, Fonés, 2016). From 2012 to 2018 her artistic research on art and tourism was enriched through her seasonal occupation as manager and worker of neion guesthouse in Lefkada, and through the residential project The island-resignified that she initiated and hosted there from 2015 to 2017. She is a member of kyklà publications (2020-). She was a member of TWIXTlab (2017-2018). She is a graduate of the Dutch Art Institute (2017) and the Athens School of Fine Arts (2012). Since 2008 she has held workshops (Alternate Paths, Syros International Film Festival 2020, Dishmapping, Athens School of Fine Arts, 2019) and she has participated in group exhibitions (Weasel Dance, Goethe Institut Athen, 2019, Ideology Meets Implementation, W139, 2017) and Festival (FLIGHT / Mostra Internazionale del Cinema, Genova, 2021, AIFF – 2021, DISFF – 2021, SIFF – 2021).

Orestis Mavroudis lives and works in Athens. He studied History and Theory of Art at the University of Ioannina and at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan; and Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano and at Falmouth University (Fine Art: Contemporary Practice MA). He is fellow of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Artist Fellowship Program of Artworks 2018. Currently, he is attending the post-master course Of Public Interest at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. He is co-founder and creative director at Under the carpet filmmaking studio and founder and creative director at Jason Faulter design studio. In 2019, he founded the exhibition space Closing soon in Athens.

His work has been shown at several screenings, solo and group exhibitions such as:

“That’s IT!” curated by Lorenzo Balbi, Museum of Modern Art MAMbo, Bologna (2018); “The Equilibrists” curated by Gary Carrion-Murayari and Helga Christoffersen with Massimiliano Gioni, organized by New Museum and DESTE Foundation, Benaki Museum, Athens (2016)

His practice focuses on subtraction, alteration, and dislocation as artistic values and it employs a plain yet evocative language. Using mostly found footage and materials, he is delving into the possibilities of creation with as many elements as are necessary, but as few as possible. This working method minimises the production costs and the storage needs; and it can be seen as a pragmatic, as well as a conceptual response to the current overproduction of objects and images. Manifesting through a variety of media his works are influenced by the specificity of the sites where they are located: the architecture, the economy and the people that surround them.


Foteini Palpana is a visual artist and art educator living in Athens. She holds a BA of English Language and Literature from the University of Athens, as well as a BFA and MFA from the Athens School of Fine Arts with a scholarship by the Onassis Foundation. 

She is a recipient of the 1st ARTWORKS SNF Artist Fellowship Program 2018-2019. She has taken part in exhibitions such as Poisons, The Symptom Project #10, Amfissa, Still Here Tomorrow, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Mere-exposure effect, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Overseas, Deree-ACG Gallery. 

Between 2011 and 2020 she was a member of the group Campus Novel, with artistic and curatorial activity, workshops, collaborations and participations in artist-in-residence programs, such as AIR at the Skaftfell Center for Visual Art, Seydisfjordur, Iceland and at the Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, participation-collaboration with Athens Biennale OMONOIA, collaboration with Syros Institute for the production of the workshop-exhibition Luminous Flux/ Reflected overlays on locative norms.

In her art practice she elaborates on different kinds of relationships with categories of the natural environment, such as the geological space and the landscape. She produces installations in which she combines sculpture, video, photographic archives, prints and drawing. In her videos and video-mediated performances she often works on her increasing interest in the relationship between the producer’s body and the sculptural object. 

Concept | Curating: Dimitris Foutris

Coordination: Dimitris Foutris, Georgia Voudouri

Τ: 6946747593 | M: | W:

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