The elections (that do not come before) in Autumn, the lover of Psychiko, the drama with the soaps and the miracle of Ios

– Rejoice, as the days go by, the ferocity of the war in Ukraine is manifested and (unfortunately) this is how it would be, since Putin did not manage to end it within a few 24 hours. However, the general feeling they get in the West is that the Russian president is trying to put himself in as favorable a position as possible in order to start negotiations on what he will grab from Ukraine, something like a “pole position”, as they say. in Formula 1. However, it begins and is understood (everywhere) that the Westerners took very harsh measures for the abominable event, but they will not go further, they will not make a World War for it, somewhere here they should – in the next days to start the de-escalation process. It is not in anyone’s interest, not even Putin, to stay for years with such sanctions, nor the other factors. Let’s expect diplomatic moves until Sunday.


Do not sting. The polls from September

-Now, the war and the extraordinary events have created in Athens the feeling that the prime minister can, thinking “the whole picture”, surprise with elections in May, the script even makes the media circle and was SK. who passed the top 1 “confidential news” in the political business houses (and telephones)! I’m sorry, but I will disappoint you, as my always informed source from the media told me, “say whatever you want about Mitsotakis, but he has never been naive and impulsive, so there are no elections in May. Energy prices will fall gradually, not as they certainly were in 2020, but certainly below today, and logically summer will go well. Soon we will go to the polls with the bills soaring and the petrol at 2.5 euros. From September, the ballot boxes and we see, let the people calm down, go for a swim and take the broken things out of the tourism, soon… we will run it in the summer in electoral processes that will last 70 days “. You will see the rest soon, I say.

What a week!

– The conclusions from the Mitsotaki – Erdogan meeting in Istanbul and the war developments in Kyiv, are not only the prelude, but also the framework on which the economic news will move this week. From today, we study the results of the Banks (Alpha Bank), tomorrow of Piraeus and the day after the National. On Wednesday, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell will give the signal and direction for the interest rate dance. On Friday, two rating agencies, Moody’s and DBRS, will give an amulet for the Greek Economy. Next, we will be led to the crucial Summit of European leaders that will take decisions that will change the economy in Europe.


Industrialists are talking (already) about temporary padlocks

The industrialists (SEV, SVE, Hellenic Production, etc.) coordinated in the meeting with Adonis Georgiadis, on Friday, expressed serious concern about the escalation of the energy crisis and asked for every sacrifice to ensure that the cost of energy for businesses, medium and high voltage, as well as gas, will remain competitive with what is happening in other countries. Otherwise, the temporary freezing of some units will inevitably take place.


They even paid for the. Soaps

-The “bells” of the industry for the energy cost and the launch of the raw materials have become… bells and they mean in all directions. Papoutsanis, which operates one of the largest vertically integrated production units for soaps and hotel cosmetics in Europe (with 62% of sales in 2021 related to exports), having made large investments to achieve a very high level of automation and respectively competitive costs, warned that developments in Ukraine are adding to the already aggravated pandemic situation. Specifically, the management told the shareholders that it expected a very good year for 2022 due to tourism. However, the effects of coronavirus on primary and secondary production, labor availability, transport and logistics have resulted in the level of material prices constantly increasing compared to 2020. This trend, says Papoutsanis, unfortunately strengthens even more after the latest developments in the wider region of Ukraine, with the price of energy also soaring to historic highs, while price increases – in the raw materials it uses – pose a risk of a negative impact on its profit margins. With all this, the administration stated that by accepting that the general geopolitical situation will not be further aggravated, in 2022 it expects to achieve a satisfactory growth rate.

The big gamble: Rosneft is worth as much as nt Sarantis

– The Moscow Stock Exchange is closed. All major Pension Funds and institutional investors holding Russian shares are required to liquidate OTC (Over The Counter) or, if desired, under the table. At cheap value. Today the shares of companies from the Moscow Stock Exchange are sold once their profits. A typical example is Rosneft, the Moscow-based mineral oil company, which has been listed on the stock exchange since 2006, today is worth 500 million euros (about the same as Sarantis or ELLAKTOR) while 2 months ago it was worth 10 billion euros. Market speculators hope that the Moscow Stock Exchange will reopen on March 18. Those who buy Russian shares today, with P / E 1, hope that soon they will increase their money tenfold…

A tender story in Paleo Psychiko

-He is famous, successful and very dear or, if you prefer, popular, powerful businessman and very much in love with his new wife. He lives in a beautiful house in Paleo Psychiko. One day, he visited his neighbor, right next door 400 meters away, with a recently renovated modern house. “I want to buy your land and your house,” she told him. “But, it’s my wife and I just renovated it,” replied the unfortunate owner. The businessman of our heart, insisted. In the end, they agreed on a brave, 7-digit price tag. The transaction was completed in record time. Last week, the old owner (who has already moved further north) visited the area. To his surprise – perhaps with horror – he discovered that the house he had recently renovated συ was being torn down by the new owner. He could not stand it. He went and asked him, “But why?” “Because I always wanted to have a big pool in my house, for me, my partner and the children” was the businessman’s astonishing answer. And if you doubt and it seems excessive, I remind you of the late Margelos who bought and demolished the penthouse in Kolonaki which was opposite his house, so that he has an unobstructed view of the Acropolis, as a gift to his wife.

The Grand Duke… of Ios and the miracle with the acres

-Today is the last day of the public consultation, for the over-ambitious investment of the businessman Angelos Michalopoulos in Ios. The plan envisages the construction of a luxury 5-star hotel, but also very expensive holiday homes, in a vast area of ​​931 acres in Pikro Nero, with a budget of over 55,000,000 euros. The businessman with the high – as he claims – contacts in the government, already owns 30% of the total area of ​​the island of Ios. He already owns 2 hotels, the 5-star “Calilo” and “Agkalia” and has set his sights on joining ESCHASE, another luxurious unit on the beautiful Cycladic island. And somewhere here the miracles begin: The area in which the investment has been planned was acquired by a dowry agreement at the beginning of the 20th century by Iitis Giannis Lymperis. When he left this vain world, his heirs accepted an inheritance of the area which is determined “in seventy acres or those who wanted to be” in the standard phrase of the notarial deeds of past decades! From 2006 onwards, the heirs of the “enclosing source” area, began to sell with successive contracts the area to companies of interests of Angelos Michalopoulos with the final buyer “Nero SA”. Only after the completion of the sales, the new owner proceeded to… recalculation of the area and a Α MIRACLE emerged!

-The area of ​​70 acres was measured and found 15 times larger, that is, 931 acres, with intermediate stops at 740 and 889 acres! It now includes two of the most beautiful beaches on the island. In one, access to ordinary mortals is already banned and it is preparing to welcome a well-publicized, strategic investment. I do not believe the rumors that a similar pattern of “dawn” of the areas is observed in other areas of the island. For those who are wondering why a Cycladic island needs such large interventions and who could spend so much money to vacation or get a villa in Ios, the answer is “there is a market for everything”. For example, Dmitry Alexeyevich Vozianov, a powerful Russian lobbyist who is currently living in glory, trying to find a solution to the problems of Russian oligarchs in London, he and his family spent almost two months in Calilo this summer. Are you saying that we should see the Russian yachts anchored, in a few years, in the humble Ios?

What is the Greek Klarna?

–American bankers are looking for the next Klarna in Greece. Klarna is a Swedish company that specializes in BNPL, ie in the digital markets Buy Now, Pay Later. Digital purchases, in installments. Applications that offer the possibility to the consumer to buy from his home computer, not to pay on the spot the amount charged or to put installments without commission. The BNPL method will represent 9% of trade in Europe by 2023. It will reach 11% in 2025. The Swedish Klarna already has 1 million active users. In international trade, deferred payment applications – slowly but surely – are becoming dynamic sales tools, as companies can attract consumers with personalized advertising content. Are there similar Klarna in Greece? American bankers seem to believe they exist…

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