Dimitriou Speaks To EPT Radio

Mr. Giorgos Dimitriou, Vice President of Save Ios, speaks to EPT Radio on;

  • the decision of the CoE on the “complex tourist accommodation” and the privatization of the coasts.
  • the appeal to the European Court of Justice in 2016 and the reaction of the competent state services, such as the Environmental Inspection of the Ministry and the South Aegean Region.


According to ancient tradition, Ios was the birthplace of Homer’s mother and also the burial place of the great epic poet. It owes its name to “Ion”, which means flower, as, in ancient times, the island was full of flowers.

Another island, another place in the eyes of investors, profits and business interests. The inhabitants and lovers of the island are fighting to put a stop to the ongoing environmental disaster.

Ios, for more than 10 years, has been the target of hotel companies, while more than 30% of the island has been purchased.

Ios is a sensitive ecosystem with a “limited carrying capacity”.

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