Official Response To LIFO Advertorial


LIFO magazine published last week an advertorial arguing that strategic investments were the only way forward for the Greek tourism industry, and that their advantages were illustrated by Calilo hotel in Ios. Our association sent the attached letter to LIFO, via email and also directly to the magazine’s editor Mr Tsagkarousianos via Facebook messenger. LIFO did not reply to us.

We understand that media outlets like LIFO need the revenue provided by advertising. Promoting, however, a hotel whose construction and operation has caused massive damage to the environment and has been marred by serious illegalities as a model for the protection of the environment and for others to follow is problematic. LIFO could have done a brief search on the internet about the advertiser instead of accepting advertising money indiscriminately. By accepting to run this advert, LIFO are ignoring the advertiser’s appalling environmental record and are contributing to the destruction of the environment in Ios and other virgin areas of Greece.

LIFO was once known for its alternative approach to cultural and social issues. The advertorial that it published is not consistent with that image.



We posted this official letter to LIFO on our Facebook page on 30/08/22. The LIFO advertorial has since been removed from their website.  

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