The 8 Violations of Koumbara Diakofto

During a 2018 Environmental Inspection on the project “Complex Tourist Accommodation at Koumbara-Diakofto” by project developer 105 AE, the Environmental Inspectors of the N. Aegean Region found, among other items, 8 violations of the legislation.

Four years later, the 8  violations remain “unexecuted” by the Prefecture of Milos and the agent for environmental issues of the Aegean Region, Elisavet Chorianopoulou.

This has resulted in the following; 

  • the non-imposition of the prescribed sanctions
  • the very serious damage suffered by public finances from the delay in completing the procedure
  • the adverse consequences for the restoration of the environment
  • the risk of statute of limitations for any criminal offences
  • the acquisition of an illegal benefit to the operator of the project “105 S.A.”


For this and other reasons, in February 2022 the “Save Ios” Association proceeded to file a lawsuit against Elisavet Horianopoulou and those responsible for breach of duty. The lawsuit is still being investigated by the Syros Prosecutor’s Office.

As you can clearly see in the below videos, the 8 offences are the following:

  1. Arbitrary interventions on the seashore due to the construction of the bridges connecting the Diakofto peninsula with the area of Koumbara with technical characteristics different from those provided for in the Environmental Impact Study (it should be noted that for the same violation sanctions were also imposed in 2018).
  2. Installation of a metal jetty next to the connection of the Diakofto peninsula with the area of Koumbara without an environmental permit.
  3. Arbitrary interventions within the coastal and beach zone on the northern side of the peninsula.
  4. Arbitrary interventions within the beach zone on the northern side of the peninsula (stone-built building).
  5. Arbitrary interventions within the seafront and beach zone on the northern side of the peninsula (stone-built road and stone structure resembling an amphitheatre).
  6. Arbitrary interventions within the coastal zone and beach at the western end of the peninsula.
  7. Interventions within the beach zone in the southwestern part of the peninsula, as well as in the southern part of the peninsula.
  8. Planting of exotic trees (palms).

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