Paid Environmental Internship

To help advance the Association’s purpose and to help increase environmental awareness and action on the island of Ios, an opportunity has arisen for the Association to take on one person in a role for 12 months.

The role is paid and will begin in early 2023.


Role & Responsibilities


Local Engagement
  • Organise & manage beach clean events
  • Facilitate initiatives to increase local knowledge of the importance of nature, environmental protection & cultural heritage
  • Develop collaborative networks locally
  • Generate ideas to engage local businesses
  • Support projects & event management including micro-dams project , Summer School on Marine Biodiversity, public talks, exhibitions & conferences



Help manage the following platforms for the Association.

  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Email newsletters
  • Website management



Develop knowledge, local data & information for the Association on areas pertaining to sustainable development; Water, Energy, Waste, Sustainable Tourism


The Candidate

  • Must be currently unemployed
  • Preferably based in, from or has a connection to the island of Ios
  • Fluency in Greek & English
  • Interest in the environment and cultural heritage
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships
  • Strong communications skills
  • Energetic, enthusiastic, a passion for sustainable development


Please email your CV to before December 13th 2022.

Save Ios Association

Save Ios is an Association of members united by their love for Ios and its historical, natural and architectural heritage. We have a vision for Ios’ development that preserves its character, and benefits its local inhabitants and its visitors. We seek to ensure that development in Ios benefits all of its residents, locals, visitors and employees; that Ios’ natural wealth remains accessible to all; that Ios’ historical, natural, and architectural heritage are preserved.

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