The Association

The “Save Ios” association consists of friends and residents of the island who oppose to the planned form of growth. What we advocate and seek instead is a form of growth that is more respectful and environmentally friendly, compatible with the natural character of the island, and whose benefits will be better disseminated to the local community.

Part of the union’s actions concern the prevention of environmental destructions on the island and the restoration of damage that has already been done. The association cooperates with lawyers specialized in environmental law in order to take the necessary actions at administrative or judicial level. The association generally examines all issues of legality related to existing or planned investments, public access to beaches, etc.

The association also aims to be actively present in the discussion for the future growth of the island, with its own proposals and actions. In this context, the association prepares a sustainable growth plan for the island, and organizes cultural and ecological activities.

Our Manifesto

We are the “Save Ios” association, a group of people united by shared feelings and aspirations:

-Our love for Ios and its authentic historical, natural and architectural wealth.

-The vision for Ios’ growth, in a way that remains respectful and conscious of its character, its locals and its visitors.

Our purpose is to empower the island’s healthy and fair economic growth for residents, locals, visitors and employees, to ensure that its natural wealth remains accessible to all and to preserve  its architectural, environmental and aesthetic character.

Our scope of work consists of two main action pillars:

1) The implementation of cultural and educational activities that promote the sustainable growth of Ios. 

2)Legal actions aimed at protecting the island from private interest initiatives, which do not comply with environmental or any other law.

If you share our love for Ios, then you can contribute to our purpose in many ways.

Love Ios? Save Ios!

Board Of Directors


Dimitri Vayanos


Dimitri Vayanos is a professor of Finance at the London School of Economics. He was elected member of the British Academy in 2014. He is a member of the Pissarides committee tasked to produce a growth plan for the Greek economy. Ios is his second home since 1997.


Giorgio Dimitriu

Vice President

Giorgio Dimitriu is an architect, with a long-term presence in the international theory and practice of architecture. He has also been active in the political ecology movement over the last 35 years. He is Regional Councillor in Attica, and the Head of the Regional Party “Ecological Alliance for the Region of Attica”


Stylianos Drisis


Stylianos Drisis is a medical doctor, specializing in medical imaging, and a professor of radiology at the Free University of Brussels (ULB). His main scientific interest is Breast Cancer Imaging. Ios is his second home since 1987.


Michael Fischer


Michael Fischer studied Design in London and Helsinki. He has been living in Greece since 1997, working in the international ship outfitting industry, before building up the Greek office of Häfele GmbH Co. Since 1993 he is constantly discovering Ios with all its amazing richness in flora and fauna.

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Philip Corrigan


Philip Corrigan runs a digital agency, supporting the creation and development of small businesses. Residing in Ios half of the year, he is also currently completing an Msc. in Management for Sustainable Development.


Alain Flausch

Alternate Member

Alain Flausch has a legal education both in Brussels and the USA. After practising law as an attorney, he went into different positions of general management in the chemical industry, the media world and lately from 2000 till 2017 in the public transport industry both in Belgium and on the international level. He is in Ios since 1979.

Our Supporters