Concrete Bridges

In Ios, the beaches are not only occupied by umbrella seats. It is also occupied by concrete bridges! These bridges, on Koumbara beach, were built by a businessman to connect the beach by road with the rocky island of Diakofto where he has built his house.    The bridges are illegal and a suspended prison sentence […]

Ios Live on Ant1 News

Antenna TV presented a news story about the upcoming visit of the Appelate Prosecutor of the Aegean Mr Odysseas Tsorbatzoglou to Ios. The video is available here. The news story makes reference to the complaints of the association “Sindesmos Iiton”, which the Prosecutor will investigate, and includes an interview by Mr Andreas Zamanos, the association’s […]

New fine of 132000 Euros to 105 SA for environmental violations in Koumbara area

The Regional Government of the Southern Aegean imposed a 132000 Euro fine to company 105 SA for twelve violations of environmental and building laws in the Koumbara-Diakofto area of Ios (decision ΑΔΑ ΨΛ567ΛΞ-ΩΘΑ published οn 10 May 2023). The violations were documented during an inspection by the Environmental Directorate of the Regional Government in October […]

A Victory For The Ios Environment

A major new victory in the fight to protect the environment of Ios was achieved yesterday. The three-member Aegean Court of Appeal in Syros sentenced the legal representative of the company 105 SA to a nine-month suspended prison term for environmental violations in the Koumbara area of Ios. This legal representative was previously sentenced to […]

The 8 Violations of Koumbara Diakofto

During a 2018 Environmental Inspection on the project “Complex Tourist Accommodation at Koumbara-Diakofto” by project developer 105 AE, the Environmental Inspectors of the N. Aegean Region found, among other items, 8 violations of the legislation. Four years later, the 8  violations remain “unexecuted” by the Prefecture of Milos and the agent for environmental issues of […]

The Removal Of Illegal Cabins

24 cabins, which were placed within the property of the “investor” LUCAS AE and the site of the Calilo hotel, have been removed. The placement of the houses had been done by the “investor” in violation of articles 2, 3, 7 and 9 of PD 587D/81 – which prohibit the placement of similar constructions in […]

105 SA trial postponed

In December 2021, the three-member first-instance court of Naxos imposed a 16-month suspended prison sentence to the legal representative of 105 SA for environmental and building violations in the Koumbara area. The environmental violations are those documented in the 2016 report by the Environment Inspectors of the Ministry of Environment. Save Ios were represented in […]

Las Vegas in Ios by Angelos Michalopoulos

Mr. Angelos Michalopoulos continues his investment activity in Ios, where he has bought a large part of the island. Three of his investment plans for luxury hotels and villas have been included in the strategic investment category, with the state subsidies and facilities that this entails. Mr. Michalopoulos’s investment activity in Ios is controversial. The […]

105 SA and Mr. Michalopoulos

Letter from our association published in EfSyn, one of the main Greek newspapers, on Friday, January 28. In that letter, we explain the close relationship of Mr. Michalopoulos with the company 105 SA, the legal representative of which received a 16 month suspended jail sentence in December 2021 for violations of environmental law. EfSyn had published an article about […]

Jail sentence for company, victory for the environment

Good news for the effort to save Ios. A court in Naxos imposed a 16-month suspended prison sentence for environmental disasters in the Koumbara area of ​​Ios, thus affirming that the development sought is to the detriment of the environment and the public interest. Our union “Save Ios” appeared in court to support the accusation. […]