Nibbling the branch we sit on

“We have also instituted an economically absurd program in which instead of requiring those who exploit the environment and infrastructure to pay, we give them money, tax rebates, and favourable building terms by calling them strategic investor.” “Aggressive tourism development can benefit investors, but it also has real costs, as seen on islands like Ios.” […]

Op-Ed: ‘Will sustainable tourism be more than a buzzword?’ – Michael G. Jacobides

As the effects of the climate crisis become more visible and culture takes a turn towards sustainability, travelers are rejecting conspicuous consumption in favor of the pursuit of authentic experiences. A 2021 Euromonitor survey found that over 70% of international travelers were interested in sustainable tourism. But what does this term really mean? The UN […]

Stress test for the Greek islands is hypertourism

Stress test for the Greek islands is hypertourism “Sunk” in August – Hypertourism threatens the character and in the long run the economy of many destinations stress-test-gia-ta-ellinika-nisia-o-ypertoyrismos-561495754 Does Greece need more visitors or does it need visitors who can leave more added value? (Photo SHUTTERSTOCK) Elias Bellos 13.09.2021 • 15:26 This summer, visitors to many […]

Michael Iakovidis: Tourism in Greece after the coronavirus shock

In 2020, the dependence of our economy on tourism appeared in relief and pain. Globally, the crisis has raised existential questions about tourism. On the demand side, the trend is towards seeking experience, authenticity and quality, especially from teams that have the ability to contribute financially. In terms of supply, in many countries governments are […]

Tourism and environment, time zero

A letter signed by 60 important personalities and friends of Greece, covering a wide range, from environmental protection and culture to trade, industry, shipping, services, tourism, construction and the world of science and of art, as well as mayors, was sent on Tuesday, October 6, 2020 to the Prime Minister. The letter points out the […]