2022 Christmas Fundraiser

Our Association continues to work diligently to defend the natural environment and the Cycladic character of Ios from corporate interests that seek to alter and damage it. We will continue to oppose actions that damage the environment and the beauty of Ios.

While we have experienced many successes over recent months, challenges in doing so remain. One of those challenges is having the financial means to carry out our work. Our work depends on getting sound legal advice and we continue to work with our lawyers on a regular basis.

To be able to continue our actions, to hold accountable those who damage the island’s natural environment and Cycladic character and to not be silenced by their threats, we need your support. We are running a Christmas fundraiser and hope that you can contribute.

If you could support us with a donation, it will really help us with our goals.

Christmas Donation

You can either make a transfer to our association’s account at Eurobank (IBAN: GR7402604000000130200355430, BIC/SWIFT: ERBKGRAA) or donate via Stripe using the button below.

Share With Your Friends


Please also share our fundraiser with anyone you know who believes in the efforts of our Association.