was created as a center for the updating and recording of articles and official documents for the purpose of protecting the environment and the Aegean physiognomy of Ios, to fight the corruption that is endemic to the public services of the country and to liberate and share the beaches and seas that have been illegally blocked in Ios.

The Association of Ios inhabitants, the Hellenic Green Party, eminent professors of European universities, Greek architects and engineers of the TEE Congregation, European Owners of Holiday Homes in Ios and thousands of anonymous and well-known residents, Greek and foreign permanent holidaymakers and friends of Ios, created to inform and coordinate a joint action for all those who want to fight to protect the island.

Many of us cannot tolerate seeing the place we grew up in and loved at the altar of merciless speculation with the tolerance of the state authorities, dramatically altering this Aegean island’s physiognomy.  Its traditional buildings being demolished, traditional paths being destroyed, coastlines being flattened, rocks that have withstood the waves for centuries crushed, beaches to be surrounded by huge walls, buildings to be built in violation of the law on the ridges, arbitrary roads to be built, the access to the coast in many places ruled out for the common Greek and foreign holidaymakers and even the pre-existing laws that were institutionalized specifically to protect the designated special nature (IOF 762/1977) of island of Ios be ignored.

The island of Ios, this beautiful island of the Aegean, is the victim of its own beauty. It is the first island of the Cyclades where small local businesses are replaced step by step by offshore and on shore companies, Sharivan Limited, 105 SA, Lougia AE, Lukas SA, Nero AE, Ios Marina SA, Hamogelo Ios M. Ltd., Luxurious Island EPE. These companies, under a single administration, bought estates around fifteen beaches and many privately owned mountains (30% of the island) with 173 notarial deeds registered in the Ios mortgage.

This first attempt at monopoly tourism exploitation of an Aegean island was reinforced by the elected members of the Greek state, with the lifting of the 2014 ban on the purchase of land on the island of Ios by foreign anonymous capital, the creation of the urbanization of the wealthy EUPATTE that bypasses unconstitutionally the procedures of the laws applicable to all other Greek citizens and the subsidy of the above companies with the money of the Greek and European taxpayer with 24,822,277 Euros.

Subsidies have been approved with the following amounts per company: 105 SA – Koumbara beach – 8,678,550 euros, Lukas SA – Papa beach – 1,832,342 euros, Water SA – Pikri Nero Beach – 6,471,261 euros, Ios Marina SA – Trikes Beach – Lougia SA – Port of Ios – 843.624 euros.

The representatives of these companies made their plans for the tourist exploitation of Ios beaches, destroying the environment and bypassing any legislation to protect the Aegean physiognomy of the island, apparently certain that the only law in force in Greece is Money.

On the island of Diakofto is built an arbitrary building of 1,000 and more M2 (registration number 239502/2014) at the ridge, at Koumbara beach a concrete bridge is built on the beach for the clientele of the new buyers to visit their own island, Papa beach is illegally built with a stone wall of many kilometers to cut off coastal access for ordinary citizens, there are restaurants and centers of entertainment owned by these same companies, like Erego, Free, Steps, Agalia and an entertainment center named Pathos, which basically has seized the entire coastal zone, where tourists used to rest on the free rocks to enjoy the sunset.

The reactions of the inhabitants to all of this are stormy, hundreds of publications, dozens of open complaints to the state authorities, reports to the Naxos Prosecutor, posting Google Earth photos that creeply reflect the disaster in the Ios environment, appeals to Greek justice and the Council of State, and many other actions that are listed in detail on without any effect so far. The whitewash of illegal activities and the destruction of the environment in Ios continues with unabated intensity to date.

Let us hope that the absurd contempt of the economically powerful towards the laws of Greek democracy and the massive destruction of Ios’ environment will be a reason for mobilizing citizens. Let us hope it will be the opportunity to save all the defenseless, without cadastre, without spatial studies and without services to protect islands of the Aegean. Let it be the opportunity to launch a new, dynamic, adamant, pan-European fight against corruption in the Greek public administration, which destroys the environment and the beauty of our country.
We call upon all Greek and European citizens to send out information, photographs and papers that can help in the battle for salvation of the Ios, to save-ios. gr and to sign the petitions

See the problem in vivo (photos)