Ios: The investment that aspires to change the image of the beautiful island of Cyclades (10/23/2020) - Article-hagiography of the First Issue for the investor who has done the environmental disasters that we highlight on our website. The development evangelized for Ios will be profitable for him and his co-investors, but to the detriment of most of the other inhabitants of the island. Fortunately, most of the comments below the article put the issue in its proper… Read more
Tourism and environment, time zero (10/23/2020) - A letter signed by 60 important personalities and friends of Greece, covering a wide range, from environmental protection and culture to trade, industry, shipping, services, tourism, construction and the world of science and of art, as well as mayors, was sent on Tuesday, October 6, 2020 to the Prime Minister. The letter points out the dangers of recklessly promoting investment… Read more
The adventure of Ios: interview with Dimitris Vagianos (9/1/2020) - In Greece, the whole adventure of man is in miniature, it is engraved in everything that surrounds us. Nikos Kazantzakis aptly writes "the face of Greece is a palimpsest of twelve main layered writings, of the Stone Age, the Aegean, the Mycenaean, the Doric Middle Ages, the Classical era, the Hellenistic era, Rome, Byzantium, F Ottoman rule, the Twentieth century… Read more
“Green light” for eight strategic investments (7/27/2020) - Date 15 July 2020. The Interministerial Committee for Strategic Investments approved three new investments for Ios. One of them concerns the construction of two complex tourist accommodations in the wider area of ​​Raches Pappas. That is, where the protected wetland has been destroyed and streams that fed it have been crushed. Another concerns the construction of a complex tourist… Read more
Even the coronavirus could not stop the arbitrariness in Ios (6/12/2020) - The situation in Ios is out of control, where illegalities and corruption are not understood by laws or pandemics. While almost all citizens remained locked in their homes during the period of restrictive measures, certain business interests found the opportunity to continue urban arbitrariness for years. Are these "bold policies for the protection of the environment", as proclaimed by Prime… Read more
Brake on the destruction of Ios (12/9/2019) - The European Court of Justice rejects the accusations of the businessman who wants to build a five-star tourist complex on the beaches of the island, calling on the CoC to examine the substance of the appeal for environmental violations. The environmental licensing of a huge, complex tourist accommodation in Io is in the air after a recent decision of the… Read more
THE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES OF IOS ISLAND (4/22/2019) - Article in EFSYN of 22.04.2019,  titled "The occupied territories of Ios island" Article of EFSYN of 22.04.2019, entitled "The occupied areas of Ios" The occupied areas of Ios Costas Zafeiropoulos A lasting environmental crime has been committed on the island for years for the benefit of a specific Greek-American businessman with the tolerance, as it seems, of part of the political… Read more
PREREQUISITE: ACCESS TO ALL BEACHES (9/30/2018) - Article from IOS newspaper, issue 306 - July, August, September 2018 ONLY REQUEST: ACCESS TO ALL BEACHES Tourism in Greece and especially in Nio remains a healthy sector of the economy and is constantly growing. Both the economic recovery of the country and the future of the island are based on its development. The prospects for the summer of 2018… Read more
CONFIRMED VIOLATIONS OF ENVIRONMENTAL LEGISLATION IN IOS (9/19/2017) - article from EFSYN newspaper on Ios island environmental violations 11.09.2017 - EFSYN Author: Stergios Ziambakas The environmental inspectors confirmed the pile of violations of the environmental legislation, as well as the environmental conditions and permits that had been issued for the project of the five-star tourist accommodation in the area of ​​Koumbara-Diakofto of Ios. The case of the controversial project… Read more
HELLAS THE LAND OF “ALMOST” SETS FOOT ON IOS ISLAND (12/31/2016) - Article of IOS newspaper of Syllogos Iiton, issue nr 298 - December 2016 November should be considered the month of "tsabouka", of innocence and the reward of any arbitrariness. Draw examples from this year: Laboratory for the construction of "Molotov cocktails" and other explosives in the Guinness building inside the Polytechnic, stone war, tear gas and "melee battle" on the… Read more