Nikos Syrmalenios submitted a question and application for the submission of documents (ACP) to the Parliament (11/24/2020) - source: The need for immediate intervention of the State to control the implementation of investments in the island of Ios and specifically in the areas Diakofto-Koumbara and Elos Pappas, which is characterized by a series of violations of the legislative and regulatory framework governing the protection of the environment, spatial planning and Nikos Syrmalenios, a Cyclades MP, points out… Read more
Question by the MP of Mera25 Kritonas Arsenis on 11/13/2020 (11/16/2020) - Read more
IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT IN THE EUROPEAN COURT OF JUSTICE (5/30/2019) - A very important development in the European Court of Justice for the case of arbitrariness in Ios, is the suggestion of the prosecutor, where among other things it is stated that " knowledge of the project licensing deadline for bringing an action which starts from the posting of the license on the internet, in case they have not been previously… Read more
NTUA – MODEL SPATIAL PLANNING FOR IOS ISLAND (2/4/2019) - Excerpts from  NTUA's (National Technical University of Athens) study "Model spatial planing for Ios island, aiming to highlight and protect its physiognomy". Read more
WWF ON IOS ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE (9/19/2017) - Letter requesting action for environmental damage recovery, submitted to the MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY - BODY OF INSPECTION OF ENVIRONMENT, STRUCTURE, ENERGY & METALLION, by WWF Hellas, an annex of the well-known NGO, which undertakes initiatives and actions to promote environmental protection, about the environmental damage in the area of Elos Pappa in Ios. Click here for the full… Read more
KKE QUESTION ON THE ACTION OF MIHALOPOULOS IN IOS (4/12/2017) - Three members of the KKE parliamentary group, Stavros Tassos, Diamanto Manolakou and Manolis Syntichakis, addressed the Ministers of Environment and Energy, Interior Affairs, Economy, Development and Tourism, on the topic "Restoration and protection of the natural environment of Ios from arbitrariness of big businessman on the island ". Read more
FINES OF THE REGIONAL ADMINISTRATION DIAKOFTO (3/10/2017) - Imposition of administrative fine in accordance with article 30 of Law 1650/86, as amended by article 21 of Law 4014/2011 and as it applies to company 105 SA, for violation of the applicable environmental legislation. Read more
IMMEDIATE THREAT OF IOS WITH ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER (11/21/2016) - A question from the members of SYRIZA, Mr. Syrmalenios and Mr. Alexopoulos, addressed to the Ministers of Environment and Climate Change, Tourism and Development, on "Immediate threat of Ios Cyclades with environmental disaster". Read more
APPLICATION FOR SUSPENSION TO THE COURT OF JUSTICE (2/22/2016) - Application for suspension of enforcement in the Court of Justice. Read more
POTAMI: QUESTION ON KOUMBARA – DIAKOFTO CONSTRUCTIONS (1/8/2016) - At the moment, a very large investment is evolving in Ios with the creation of a complex five-star tourist accommodation in the area "Koumbara - Diakofto" It is a positive fact that this way there will be a quality upgrade of the tourist services of Ios, but the tourist product of our islands must be developed based on the principles… Read more