Dimitris Foutris: “Development that protects the environment is one way for the Cyclades” (5/9/2022) - 30/04/2022 DIMITRIS SPYROU Immediately after the completion of the first phase of the Ios Art Residency, the artist and curator of the program talks about this new and interesting initiative. The event, held for the first time this year by the Save Ios association, aspires to include the island of Ios in the Greek art map, bringing to the fore… READ MORE
Ios Art Residency #1 (2/7/2022) - MICRO-STORIES OF A MUTABLE LANDSCAPE     An artists residency program to promote the environmental and cultural heritage of Ios island     Save-Ios Association is pleased to announce the first artists residency in Ios island entitled Ios Art Residency #1: Micro-stories of a mutable landscape, curated by the artist Dimitris Foutris. The main goal of the project is to… READ MORE
105 SA and Mr. Michalopoulos (2/2/2022) - Letter from our association published in EfSyn, one of the main Greek newspapers, on Friday, January 28. In that letter, we explain the close relationship of Mr. Michalopoulos with the company 105 SA, the legal representative of which received a 16 month suspended jail sentence in December 2021 for violations of environmental law. EfSyn had published an article about the court decision on December… READ MORE
The adventure of Ios: interview with Dimitris Vagianos (9/1/2020) - In Greece, the whole adventure of man is in miniature, it is engraved in everything that surrounds us. Nikos Kazantzakis aptly writes "the face of Greece is a palimpsest of twelve main layered writings, of the Stone Age, the Aegean, the Mycenaean, the Doric Middle Ages, the Classical era, the Hellenistic era, Rome, Byzantium, F Ottoman rule, the Twentieth century… READ MORE