See below photographic material, which certifies the environmental disasters in Ios.

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Koumbara - Diakofto


Diakofto is a rocky islet that was connected to the main part of Ios with a narrow strip of rocks, as shown in the first photo. The licensing of the complex tourist accommodation includes the construction of a bridge that connects the rocky islet with the beach. The remaining photos show the construction of the bridge, the concrete on the beach, and the general destruction of the landscape. Autopsy of the Environmental Inspectors have even revealed illegalities in the construction of the bridge.


The first photo shows Diakofto before the operations. The second shows the construction of a house right on the ridge, with simultaneous leveling of the ridge at a significantly lower height. The remaining photos show extensive earthworks on the islet.

Koumbara beach

Autopsies of the Environmental Inspectors have also shown violations in Koumbara, concerning the extent of the constructions and their distance from the sea, the clearing of streams and alteration of the landscape morphology, the unauthorized opening of a road in the coastal and beach area, the planting of alien trees ( palm trees in the USA and Mexico), construction of buildings without a building permit, obstruction of control, and others. The photos show the extensive planting of new palm trees.

Raches Pappa

Beach & Wetland

The first photos show the enchanting landscape before the operations. The wetland was a lively and deep lake, with fish, and was fed by streams coming from the surrounding mountain slopes. The remaining photos show the landscape after the construction of the hotel. The wetland is dead, streams have been dug up, and the landscape has been radically altered.

Access prohibition

The beach is no longer accessible to the public, or access is difficult or paid.