Hike #1 Land-Sea Discovery

This summer, in collaboration with IosPaths.gr, we are organising a number of hikes around Ios island. 


The objectives of these hikes are;


  1. to showcase the beauty of the island’s natural landscape
  2. to bring attention to some of the most endangered areas of the island as a result of wreckless and unsustainable development
  3. to learn more about the island’s heritage & discover its biodiversity
  4. to help promote alternative tourism
  5. to reconnect with nature


The hikes vary in difficulty and will begin either early morning or at night to avoid peak temperatures.



Hike #1 Land-Sea Discovery

Route; Chora, Katsiveli, Mylopotas, Sapounochoma,
Klima, Pikri Nero, Chora (15km)
Meeting Point; Windmills square
Duration; approx 3 hours (not including swimming)
Start; 08:00

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