Our Vision

Landscape Of Special Natural Beauty

Ios is one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades. It covers a size of 108 square kilometers with a population of approximately 2000 inhabitants. Ios is not just one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades but an island of historical value with one of the most important Early Cycladic settlements, as well as many other protected archaeological sites and monuments. It has more sandy beaches than most Cycladic islands. It has protected wetlands and wildlife refuges and has been characterised as a whole “Landscape of Special Natural Beauty” since 1977.

Preservation - Equality - Respect - Freedom

Our vision for Ios is an island that has preserved its character, rich past, natural wealth & architectural heritage; that it remains a landscape of particular natural beauty. The Island will develop sustainably with the economic and social benefits of such developments spread among the Islands’ residents, locals, visitors and employees; a community of people well-informed by cultural and environmental initiatives. Developments in Ios will be friendly to the environment, respectful of its natural character, within spatial planning guidelines, in keeping with legislation and never exceeding the Island’s capacity. We will rest in the knowledge that any negative impacts by man on the Island will be restored. The future of Ios is an Island accessible to all, one where our kids can play on any one of its golden beaches and our parents can stroll freely along its beautiful coastline.

A Save Ios Map of All The Public Beaches In Ios