The Association “Save Ios” was approved by the Magistrate’s Court in Athens under Decision No. 74/2020. Its main goals are to protect the traditional Aegean character of Ios, to ensure free access to the beaches and other public spaces, and to promote the sustainable development of the island. The first three articles of the Association’s Charter can be found below.

The Association is not opposed to tourism development, nor does it disregard its importance to the country’s economy. It does, however, oppose the excessive expansion of investment in tourism real estate on Ios which is not compatible with the unique, and to tourists already attractive character of the island, and which also does not comply with the strict protective legislation governing the island.

Statutes of the Association (in Greek. An English translation of the first three articles is below)


A non-profit Association titled “Save Ios” is founded. It will be located in Athens. The Association will have a circular seal with its name. It will be maintaining the website


Protect Ios’ environment and landscape, its traditional villages and monuments, and its Aegean architecture, taking into account Greek and European law, as well as international treaties on the protection of the environment and the cultural heritage.

Assure that all beaches in Ios will remain freely accessible, and that all the beaches and other public areas of the island will be protected against any type of illegal use and encroachment.

Support and promote projects to restore those parts of the natural or man-made environment of Ios that have been damaged due to illegal actions by private or public bodies, by drawing up restoration studies and by seeking damages to secure the funds to execute the restoration projects.

Study the problems faced by Ios and its inhabitants—both permanent and summer inhabitants—and to promote solutions to those problems. To identify ways through which the economy of Ios can grow in a way that is sustainable and consistent with the island’s environment and cultural heritage.

Participate in the land use planning process in Ios.

Promote cultural, music and athletic events in Ios, so to raise Ios’ cultural profile internationally.
Fight corruption in the Greek public sector in areas pertaining to the degradation of Ios’ environment, landscape and architecture.
The Association has no other goals except those described above. It is strictly prohibited to deviate from the above goals without modifying the present statutes.


An indicative list of the means that the Association will use to achieve its goals is as follows:

Collaborate with the Municipality of Ios and with all other layers of local government, as well as with any other relevant public body.
Appeal to any relevant public body, as well as to the Greek and European courts, against any actions that damage Ios’ environment and landscape, and that run counter to the current legislation on environment protection and land use in Ios.
Prepare proposals and studies that concern the protection of the natural and man-made environment of Ios, and that further the goals of the Association more generally.
Organize courses, lectures, conferences, as well as artistic and athletic events, to raise Ios’ cultural profile.
Publish articles, studies and other documents that further the goals of the Association.
Collaborate with other Associations and organizations in Ios and elsewhere in Greece and internationally, as well as with transnational and international bodies, to further mutual goals.