Strategic suicide

MICHAEL G. IAKOVIDIS 12.12.2021 • 21:04 The recent strategic investment law could have significant political implications. The government has lowered the bar on what it calls “strategic”, remaining vague about the expected benefits, with no real connection to sustainability. The intention is understandable: immediate approval, at times that do not even allow for the open […]

A bad policy for the environment

The Ministry of Environment and Energy (RIS) recently submitted to the Parliament a draft law that regulates, among other things, the institution of compliance checks with environmental legislation. The provisions of the bill aggravate an already problematic situation and are far from international practices. They also demonstrate a centralized view of public administration, where the […]

Strategic choices and pretexts in sin

“Very good article by Michalis Iakovidis on strategic investments. The article points out that if some investments receive state subsidies, they should have significant positive consequences for the national economy, which the investor CANNOT reap. This is a basic principle of economic theory, but unfortunately does not apply to the state subsidy regime in Greece. […]

Coast line: plot for investors – end to the free access of the citizens

The new bill on strategic investments, which has been put to consultation, gives extensive rights to use the seashore to individuals, legitimizing the ban on access to beaches for the public. This is a problem that we are already facing in Ios, especially in the area of Avlaki Papa, without the existence of a relevant […]

Stress test for the Greek islands is hypertourism

Stress test for the Greek islands is hypertourism “Sunk” in August – Hypertourism threatens the character and in the long run the economy of many destinations stress-test-gia-ta-ellinika-nisia-o-ypertoyrismos-561495754 Does Greece need more visitors or does it need visitors who can leave more added value? (Photo SHUTTERSTOCK) Elias Bellos 13.09.2021 • 15:26 This summer, visitors to many […]

“Window” of alteration of traditional settlements

Controversy in Amorgos for opinions that leave room for “interpretations” of the framework for the construction of high-rise buildings “Window” for the construction of high-rise buildings in Amorgos and Aegean islands, despite the special protection regime in force there, leave opinions of the Central Council for Urban Issues and Disputes (KESYPOTHA) and the Department of […]

Michael Iakovidis: Tourism in Greece after the coronavirus shock

In 2020, the dependence of our economy on tourism appeared in relief and pain. Globally, the crisis has raised existential questions about tourism. On the demand side, the trend is towards seeking experience, authenticity and quality, especially from teams that have the ability to contribute financially. In terms of supply, in many countries governments are […]

GINO: Green In Name Only?

MICHAEL G. JACOBIDES, DIMITRI VAYANOS Greece is going green. The goal of sustainable development has been generally accepted – in principle, at least – and green growth has now been adopted as a pillar of both government policy and the National Recovery and Resilience Plan submitted to the European Union, with the blessing of the […]

The islands deserve the same care as the monuments

source: Five Greek islands have symbolically entered the list of endangered cultural heritage sites of Europa Nostra this year. Their presence symbolizes the increasing risk of alteration of the island landscape in recent years by the excessive development of wind farms. The announcement was made yesterday from The Hague by Europa Nostra and the Institute […]